Why is water essential for my doggie?

Water being a necessity in all living beings, the minimum amount of water intake should be consumed by your doggie every day.

What is dehydration?

Every doggie is made up of 60% water. When that water balance is lower than usual, doggies get dehydrated, resulting in sickness and terrible symptoms. Dehydration and kidney problems are the second major cause of death in doggies after cancer.

What are the symptoms of dehydration?

Sunken eyes, Decreased elasticity of the skin, Abnormal panting, Dry nose, Dry eyes, Dry mouth, and other unseen symptoms.

How much water does my doggie need?

There are many factors, body weight, size, activity level, age, and the temperature, but in general a good general guideline is that a healthy doggies should drink between ½ and 1 ounce of water per pound of body weight each day. Click to see our Holistic Daily Doggie Water Chart.

Why should I give my doggie holistic water?

Sharing is care, but sometime is best not to share certain things. Good Doggie health starts with clean water. Vets for years have known about the risk of drinking dirty water and spreading potential contaminants and toxins. Unsafe water found in public such as fountains or shared water bowls or swimming pools are a big NO-NO! The smaller category doggies poise the highest risk. Vets suggest serving doggies’ clean bottled water daily as a good hydration source.

Why shouldn’t I use tap water for my doggie?

There are many factors, but unsafe water contains harmful particles and not advised by Vets to be given to doggies without proper filtration and treatment.

How harmful is dirty water?

Unsafe water contains levels of bacteria that can be extremely harsh for smaller doggie’s organs.

What are the health risks of untreated normal water?

There are unlimited risks and short and long term health concerns with untreated doggie drinking water. Providing your doggie with a clean drinking hydrated solution is the best way of keeping your pooch safe and happy for years to come.

Why shouldn’t I give my doggie-shared water?

Doggies have a tendency to smell feces, which might be stuck on their nose and potentially pass on or spread contaminates into shared water bowl or public water stations with infection.

Who else can consume Doggie Water 2GO?

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Can I carry my Doggie Water 2GO?

Of course, Doggie Water 2GO is portable and ready to take on the go. So while on the go, your doggie can continue enjoying their essential water while on the go!

Where can I take my Doggie Water 2GO?

Literally anywhere you take your doggie. Taking Doggie Water 2GO with you is a must, since doggies can feel thirsty or help with whelping.

Why should I always keep my “Doggie Water 2GO” portable water stocked up at home?

Traveling can be planned and unplanned. We recommend every household that owns doggies, to keep a couple of Doggie Water 2GO stocked up at home, because you will definitely take your best friend with you.

Why do doggies love their Doggie Water 2GO?

It’s safe, clean, refreshing and packed with minerals and energy.

Is Doggie Water 2GO packaging recyclable?

Absolutely! Doggie Water 2GO is 100%

How does Doggie Water 2GO help other doggies?

With a portion of our sales, we help and promote doggie programs all over the United States and are committed to improving the life and health of doggies all over the world.