We Care

Our furry kids’ are more than just a pet to us. They are part of our family and we would do whatever it takes to ensure their safety and quality of life. The love and support they provide us is unconditional and the same should be our love and commitment to them.

At Doggie Water 2GO, we care and take the risk of drinking dirty water or having low levels of electrolytes very serious. Drinking dirty water can cause many potential hazards such as Leptospirosis, Giardia and Cryptosporidium. Dirty water is common and can be found in public doggie water bowls, water puddles, pools, doggie water fountains, or any doggie public water source. In addition to providing our kids with clean and safe water, keeping them hydrated with a balance level of electrolytes and minerals is vital. Make sure your kids are getting the minimal daily veterinarian’s recommended water consumption levels and enough electrolytes. Keeping proper electrolytes in your kid’s daily balance is important for their nerve and muscle functions, maintaining a balance acidity blood level that can help avoid disrupting normal functions. Hydration and electrolytes are vital to the kidney functions and replacing lost electrolytes is highly recommended by the pet health community.

Doggie Water 2GO comes with the essential benefits of electrolytes which includes minerals of sodium, chloride and potassium that are highly effective when dealing with vomiting, diarrhea, post-surgery stress and during birth. For kids that are physically active and love the outdoors, Doggie Water 2GO is an excellent choice to replenish lost electrolytes and a source of energy. “Think of it as the Sports Energy Drink for Doggies”. These essentials and keeping your kid’s properly hydrated can help prevent heat stroke on those hot sunny days.

Doggie Water 2Go, Hydration Solution for Pets