We Understand

We understand how important your doggies are to you and we wouldn’t want them getting sick from dirty, unsanitary water. This is why our product is completely safe and free of any harmful chemicals that could hurt your furry children.

Doggie Water 2GO uses a simple process that is 100% chemical free that destroys 99% of potentially damaging heavy metals and other volatile organic compounds. No more worrying about any hidden dangers lurking in public water bowls.

Our doggies can build up quite a thirst playing in the park or frolicking on the beach. They get dehydrated pretty quick and need to replenish. Water professionally formulated with electrolytes helps regulate nerve and muscle function, balance blood acidity and allow important bodily processes to occur.

Electrolytes are so crucial to your doggies’ body to function properly which is why we add specially treated electrolytes to the water once the harsh organic compounds are removed. Our product replenishes the lost minerals your furry children lose when out in the world.